Dropbox updates UI, makes sharing content simpler

Dropbox is easily one of the most popular cloud-storage options that is available to consumers. Now Dropbox is becoming even more convenient, with a new UI and new features aimed a simplifying its use.
The Dropbox application has cleaned up its aging user-interface, the sleeker design is available on the desktop client. In a message to its customers the company stated the interface adds, “more visibility into activity in one’s Dropbox, faster access to your files, and a brand new look and feel”.
The design isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but if you are a frequent user of the service, your activities with Dropbox will be much easier. Now it is easier to see any changes that have occured since your last visit. There are also new ways to keep track of what is being shared with you by other users. Best of all, you can now share content straight from the menu and not through a maze-like interface of clicks and windows like before.
Th mobile version of Dropbox has added notifications for your shared folders, which will make keeping track of incoming content much easier. The new design, applications and client will update later today.
source: dropbox

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