Vevo TV will stream music to mobile, web, Xbox and Roku devices

Almost every popular artists and band have their own official Vevo channel. Now that content will be made available whenever you want to access it. A new update and a new set of applications will add music streaming to almost every device that you currently use for streaming-music.
The new Vevo service will be independent of YouTube and it has been called ‘Vevo TV’. The channel will be available 24 hours a day, everyday that you might need a song in your life. The service will be available on a wide-array of internet ready devices including (TV, PC, Roku, Xbox 360 or mobile devices).
When the service launches there will be an Android application and an iOS application. There will also be a Window 8 ready application. You can check out the current offerings of internet-radio programming by checking out the official website below.
more info: vevo

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