Pintrest adds analytics application for users to track engagement

The social-media and photo-sharing website ‘Pintrest’ added a host of new features and tools for personal and business accounts today. The company has rolled out its own analytics application, which allows users to compare and forecast user engagement.
The application is web-based, much like Google Analytics is now, the tool will allow customers to track a wide-array of engagement stats and other figures based on the user’s Pintrest account. The website application is free for anyone that would like to use it. If you also own a website, that you use the Pintrest share button on, you can track such stats as (impressions, reach, referrals, unique visitors) and other important data.
The tool will surely expand as time goes by but the initial set of options that has come with the launch of the application is very impressive. It also could be the first step in encouraging advertisers to join Pintrest, or used as another tool to attract advertisers of your own. This is the second step that Pintrest has takes to start allowing advertisements on their site, the introduction of business accounts being the first.
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