Netflix now reports on ISPs, ranking each on average speed

Netflix understands that their movies can only run as well as the internet-connection that you use to access its library. Now the company is listing the best and worst of the major internet service providers and ranking them against each other.
Netflix now has the ‘ISP Speed Index page’, which is a list of the most common ISPs in a selected country. That index will give you the average speed for each provider, allowing you to easily check your own ISP against competitors. Google Fiber took the lead in the United States for the month of February with an average of 3.35 Mbps, with ClearWire taking last place with an average of 1.25 Mbps. Verizon DSL took home the second-worst choice award by average speed, with their 1.37 Mbps average.
You can enjoy a choice of graphs to display the data, which will be published monthly from Netflix. If you are looking into changing ISPs then you might want to use the chart as a jumping off point for comparison shopping.
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