Microsoft student and teacher promotion offers six free months of Office 365

Microsoft has kicked off a new promotion for their recently released Office 365 Suite. The new promotion is aimed at teachers and students, both of whom can get six-months of service for free.
The deal is running for a very short period of time, if the customer chooses to stay with the subscription at the end of six months, they will continue at a discounted rate as well. To get the free-trial, you will have to register the account with a valid .edu email account. You will then be given open access to all of Office 365 services and applications. You can use the service on two computers. Just doing that will get you three months for free. If you share your purchase on Facebook you will get 3 months extra (for a total of six months) plus 20GB of Skydrive storage.
At the end of your 3-6 month trial period, you can then save even more on a plan. For $80 you get Office 365 for four years ($20 a year is pretty amazing). How good is that deal? Well if you weren’t a student, you could be paying $100 a year for the same thing. This promotion ends Tuesday at midnight, or until Microsoft says stop. The company added a “while supplies last” notation, allowing them to cancel the promotion anytime they want.
You can even get the promotion starting now, and activate it up to two years later. As we said, you have to act fast the promotion ends 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time on May 12, 2013. If you are an educational worker but without a .edu adress, you can check availability below.
more info: microsoft.promotion, availabilty

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