Google talks Google Glass during SXSW

one of the most anticipated events at SXSW this year was Google’s discussion about ‘Google Glass’. The company opened up and talked about a few aspects of the device. Here are the details from today’s event.
It was disclosed that Google and other companies are already fine-tuning some of the apps that Google Glass will support. It seems that Page and Co. is currently working with the New York Times to build an application for the popular publication. Discussed at the event were the preview of articles while using Google Glass from the New York Times. Just like you would see on a regular app, a small image and caption would be displayed, then when opening the article users will be able to read straight from the device.
The idea of notifications and alerts are a big part of Google Glass. This was part of the presentation as well, with braking news hitting the application as it was published. Google also featured Gmail, which will be one of the key applications the device supports. Using Google Glass, users will be able to dictate their replies straight to the recipient.
Other applications that were talked about were Skitch and Evernote, two very popular applications that have been released on Android and iOS devices. We will update this article with the official SXSW video when it is released.

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