There have been a few stories circulating the game ‘Star Wars: First Assault’, which is still an unannounced title at this point. Now inside sources seem to have revealed a few details about the game.
Rumors and speculation started when ‘Star Wars First Assault’ cover-art appeared on Xbox Live late last fall. Now almost five months later, Lucas Arts still hasn’t released an official statement regarding the development of the game, let alone any information on its existence. Now sources have told Kotaku that the game will be “step zero” in the process of developing a new ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ title.
The unnamed source also went on to say that ‘Star Wars First Assault’ was intended to be a Spring 2013 release but the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney prevented that game from being pushed forward. This comes after co-founder of Free Radical, David Doak, stated that the title ‘Star Wars: Battlefront 3’ was almost finished, before the game was canceled. Kotaku has posted a few screens of the mystery title ‘Star Wars First Assault’ and a few other quotes from the unnamed source, which you can check out below.
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