Most Epic Game Ever Now Available Via Google Play

Do you go about your day with an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach, wondering if there is something more to life? Are you constantly seeking for that “Aha!” moment? Is it because the game Unicorn Apocalypse is not in your life?
Well, fear not, dear readers, as your life is now going to be complete. Seen in Samsung’s marketing campaign, Unicorn Apocalypse puts you in the shoes (hooves?) of the most badass unicorn on the planet, as he traverses level after level of awesomeness that would make a Chuck Norris movie seem like a child’s cartoon.
The game was actually the winner of a contest hosted by Gamestop, and though it sounds like the greatest thing ever, bear in mind that there are a few glitches, including one that causes the unicorn to run off-screen and never return. That’s a shame.
Download Unicorn Apocalypse at the link below, and check out the trailer!

source | play store

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