Halo 4 ‘Castle Map Pack’ DLC expansion gets a release date and trailer

Earlier today 343 Industries announced the third major expansion in the ‘Halo Infinity: Multiplayer’ dynamic. You can check out the trailer and get all of the details below.
The ‘Castle Map Pack’ will be released on April 8, 2013. The DLC was developed by Certain Affinity, in collaboration with 343 Industries. The Castle Map Pack will introduce players to three medium-to-large, maps that “emphasize vehicular warfare and large battles over open spaces” according to 343 Industries, who released the trailer above earlier today.
According to the press-release, Daybreak “places you amidst military facilities, against the backdrop of an idyllic mountain range”, while Outcast “plunges you into the natural tunnels and arches of a secluded rebel outpost”. The final map, Perdition, takes players “into the heart of an urban battleground, where tactical speed and situational awareness are essential to achieving victory”. The Castle Map pack provides 9 new Achievements worth a total of 250 Gamerscore.

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