ComiXology offering over 700 free Marvel comics to be downloaded for free

Whether you are a casual comic-book reader, or a die-hard fan of the artistic means, there are 700 free comics that you can start reading as of right now.
The promotion is a partnership between Marvel Comics and ComiXology, the latter allowing users to browse and read this library of comics beginning today and lasting through Tuesday, ending at 11pm EST. The comics can be read from a multitude of platforms.
You can read the apps from the official website (which has been down since the announcement of the promotion, but keep trying) the iOS application and the Android application. There are even some first editions to check out during the promotion. If you are new to the ComiXology application, here is a video to catch you up.

It’s an amazing opportunity to read some of the greatest story-arcs and comics that have ever been created. You can choose your platform of choice below.
source: itunes, googleplay, website

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