Next Issue Magazines app brings unlimited digital content to mobile platforms

As print-publications are slowly becoming more and more obsolete, digital magazines are thriving. Now an application for Windows 8 called ‘Next Issue Magazines’ wants to deliver a ton of subscription-based content, all on your favorite Windows 8 device.
The application promises, “unlimited access to over 80 magazines in one convenient app” and it’s actually quite accurate. The new app brings all of this content to one application, so you don’t have to keep multiple subscriptions open, or feel committed to just one magazine or genre. Users are able to manage, read and find new magazines that might interest them, all from one centralized location. As the developers say, “It’s an entire newsstand at your fingertips”.
The digital magazine’s being offered are also some of the best in the industry including tech magazines like Wired, and men’s magazines like GQ, Esquire, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Journal and Details. Woman’s magazine are more prevalent but include hits like Allure, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Vogue and others. These are just a few of the choices, giant publications like TIME, Condé Nast Traveler, New York Magazine and others are all available as well.
The app comes with a 30 day free-trial, which is incredibly smart as most people are hesitant when dealing with subscription-based applications in fear of being charged with hidden-fees. After the trial you can choose from ‘Next Issue Premium’ for $14.99 (includes everything from the Basic plan, plus all weekly magazines, including The New Yorker, People, Time and more) or $9.99 for Basic Plan (includes unlimited access to top magazines). Obviously how much you save depends on how many magazines you are currently subscribe to. Even if you had only a few subscriptions, before going digital with this application, you could easily save $30 right off the bat. It’s also perfect for people that always wanted to subscribe to popular magazines, but didn’t feel like dealing with all of the payment, waiting and renewing headaches that come with a physical subscription. Subscribers get all of the magazine’s that are listed, which again is a gigantic library (including former issues). It’s definitely worth taking a look at, and free to try out for yourself, which you can do after the break. The application is currently available for Apple iPad, iPad Mini, Android Tablets and Windows 8 and RT.
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