SimCity 1.3 update targets server switches and functionality

Players that load-up Maxis’ SimCity title will have download the latest update, v1.3 before playing. The update improves a few bugs that are still in the game, as well as fixes a few of the server issues.
The latest patch will work on server switches and server selection. The new format will tell you which servers you currently have built a city on. Maxis states, “At the moment, it is going to be showing the icon for any server you’ve been to as a player. We’ll be updating this soon to show how many regions you have (X/10) per server”. Although Maxis admits the problem is “a little confusing for now”, they are working on it.
Other fixes include, “selection shard” not display when previously selected server is down, this should prevent players from being stuck “when switching shards in the server select menu” according to Maxis. Fans are probably mostly interested in server news, and that information is as followed:
“Maxis released a new update to patch general issues with server selection and switches, as well as its announce its new sever, Antartica 1”. That was all of the server related news for now.
source: ea

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