The Xi3 STEAM centric PC console ‘Piston’ is available for pre-order, for a hefty price

Being the first few people to get a new console, tablet or PC always comes with a high price-tag, the Xi3 box is no exception. If you would like to be one of the first people to get this streamlined, device be prepared to pay for it.
The Xi3 company officially began taking pre-orders today, as the device was shown off at SXSW earlier today. The PC/Console hybrid is called the ‘Piston’, and it comes with 129 solid-state hardrive, a 3.2 Ghz quad-core proccessor and 8 gigs of RAM. The drive can be updated at the time od purchase but an upgrade to 512 gigs will set you back another $750 alone.
If you pre-order before March 18, 2013 you will save $100 but we are assuming that anyone who is about to drop $999 to $1700 on a new console-PC isn’t worries about a measly $100. The device should be start shipping before the holidays this year. The developers are set to talk about the device in further detail throughout the SXSW event, so stay tuned for follow-up information regarding the unit.
“Given the amount of awards, media attention and gamer interest the PISTON Console has generated since it was unveiled at CES 2013 in January, we’ve become seriously concerned that we will not be able to meet the demand for PISTON Consoles this year,” said Jason A. Sullivan, founder, president and CEO of Xi3 Corporation. “That’s why we have decided to begin accepting pre-orders on our PISTON Console, beginning today with the start of the SXSW Gaming Expo. Gaming Expo attendees will also get the benefit of being the first to see the PISTON Console in action.”
You can also expect Xi3 to showcase “live” gameplay on the alpha versions of its PISTON Console at the 2013 SXSW event. Which will bring you when available. “Clearly, the computer/video gaming market is huge, both in the personal computer and traditional console markets,” Sullivan stated. “That being said, we believe there is a crying need for a machine that captures the best of both worlds, with the upgradeability of computer gaming rigs and the design and form factor of consoles. We believe our PISTON Consoles do exactly that—deliver the beauty and small size of consoles with the upgradeability of computers.”
According to the press-release the PISTON Console is derived from the forthcoming X7A Modular™ Computer, Xi3’s first power user computer. Xi3 will reveal additional product details about the PISTON Console and its plans for formally entering the game marketplace at the 2013 SXSW Gaming Expo.
more info: Xi3

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