Naughty Dog confirms The Last of Us demo date for God of War: Ascension pre-orders

It was revealed earlier this year that customers who pre-order ‘God of War: Ascension’ will be the first people to play the demo of Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated survival-title ‘The Last Of Us’. Now that demo has a release date.
Naughty Dog confirmed the date earlier today on the company’s official Google+ account, along with several other social-media sites. In a post to fans Naughty Dog stated, “Pre-ordered God of War: Ascension yet? We’re pleased to announce The Last of Us demo, accessible early via God of War: Ascension, will be available May 31, 2013”.
The demo will be made available to God of War: Ascension pre-orders before the game is released. The latest God of War title comes with a slew of free DLC and other goodies for those that pre-order as well. Ordering from Amazon for example will get you a $10 Credit and DLC Bonus plus access to The Last of Us demo. The bonus DLC will be the ‘Mythological Heroes Multiplayer Pack’. You can check out the official details of the pre-order bonuses on Amazon’s official site below.
source: amazon

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