Microsoft uses Kinect to create 3D avatars, though more like balloon animals for now

The Microsoft Research team has unveiled a new program this week that would allow Kinect-enabled PC users to create 3D avatars. The program is still in the very early stages of development but the concept could expand in the future.
The ‘BodyAvatar’ model shown above uses a Kinect interface to create a 3D avatar using gesters. The avatars in the video turn out more like balloon animals at this point but it does lead to some terrific ideas for future applications. 3D modeling and rendering is an increadibly complicated and time-consuming venture even for the well-trained designer, bringing that possibilty to children would be a remarkable feat. Using it to create characters in videos, avatars for games or just recreationally would allow children and adults to really develop some terrific models using their imagination.
As Microsoft states, “The project unleashes the creativity of Kinect players, letting people turn their wildest imagination into reality without requiring knowledge of 3-D modeling tools”. We look forward to seeing how this could be used in classrooms, design studios and family-rooms in the future.

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