Google Glass app will help you find friends using their clothes

The world seems to be ever-intrigued with the possibility of Google Glass entering into our daily lives. The ‘Project Glass’ initiative continues to make headlines this week, this time with an app aimed at spotting friends within a crowed.
A new application called ‘InSight’, which was designed by Srihari Nelakuditi with development support from Google, would use both color and visual patterns to find a missing friend. After the user takes a few pictures and linking those pictures to a contact, the “spatiogram” will find those visual cues in a crowd.
One of the more obvious uses for this application would be for finding children. Take your kid to the zoo or open-air concert and you would just have to take pictures ahead of time and then find the child in an open-crowd. While testing the device, the application worked 93% of time in a test of 15 people. Another key use of the application would be at a small meeting, or lecture where you want to quickly remember people’s names.
It opens up a lot of doors for quickly gathering information about people on the go and then recalling that information instantly, which is one of the key elements of the application. It’s just another example of the wonders that Google Glass might be able to perform.
source: cnet

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