‘The Hangover 3’ gets an official trailer, releasing this Memorial Day

It seems that the entire Hangover crew will be back for the final installment of the ‘Hangover’ series. The third film in the trilogy is set to release this Memorial day and the official trailer is now available online.
The trailer, shown above, was released today from Warner Bros. Etertainment. The third film will once again take place in Las Vegas, where everything began, after the boys spent a short trip in Thailand for the second film. Ed Helmes, Bradley Cooper, and Zach Galifianakis will once again star in the movie. Melissa McCarthy will also make an appearance in the film, as will Mr. Chow.
Other stars like Heather Graham and Justin Bartha will be featured at one point in the film. You can expect to see more debauchery and horrible decision making this summer.

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