Google+ Gets New Layout And Features

Google+ has rolled out a new layout and a bevy of new features today, including some GIGANTIC cover photos.
The most noticeable change right off the bat is the inclusion of some fairly large Cover Photos. When you upload a new Cver, you are now given the option to switch to the new format, which comes with some new cropping abilities (more out of necessity than anything to get them to the default 16:9 ratio). These new Covers can easily take up half the screen (they can go up to 2120x 1192), but they are much nicer than the original Cover format, as you can now see some pretty impressive full photos.
Your “About Me” section has also received a facelift, one that now more than resembles the “cards” found in Google Now. Each category now resides in its own card, each with its own Edit option. Overall, the new look is much cleaner, and as someone who uses Google Now regularly, it shows that Google is more than likely trying to streamline the experience across multiple platforms.
There is also a new “Reviews” tab, which gathers all of your restaurant and business reviews in one location. If this isn’t something you want on your profile, it is easily disabled by going into “Show these profile tabs to visitors” in your Profile and unchecking “Reviews.”
What do you think of these new features? Are they easier on the eyes and make Google+ more attractive? Let us know below!

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