Twitter update adds new search features to iOS and Android

Twitter has detailed a new update for both iOS and Android users, an enhanced search feature allows users to find tweets by keywords and other information. Here is the rundown on the new update.
Now when users search they will see topics and user suggestions, the information will be based on what is popular at the time you are searching. Just like the desktop client, when adding a hashtag or a username, an autocomplete feature will suggest items for you. Twitter also introduced ‘Top Tweets’ when searching for terms, thought this information digs farther into the past than the autocomplete feature does when searching for a hashtag or username.
If you are an iOS user, web pages that are open can now see the related Tweet for more context. The ‘Tweet Details View’ now shows more information based on the conversation. Blocked users will have their Tweets instantly disappear from your Connect tab. One of the larger update notes is that videos uploaded through Mobypicture, Vodpod and Posterous will no no longer supported.

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