Gearheads the world over have been patiently awaiting the successor to the amazing Ferrari Enzo supercar for quite a while now, and we finally have our first look at the equally, if not more amazing successor, the Ferrari F150 (not to be confused with the Ford truck, obviously), otherwise known simply as LaFerrari.
First off, the LaFerrari is a hybrid, and no; you need to dropkick any images of a Prius out of your mind. Hybrid is not a bad word, especially if it can do what the LaFerrari is reportedly capable of doing. First off, take a look at this beauty:
Now, bear in mind that this hyrbid packs a 789HP V12 in addition to a 160HP electric motor. That’s a total combined 949HP, not exactly something to scoff at. 0-60MPH? Less than three seconds. Ferrari is making an effort to be more eco-friendly, but the electric motor is there more so to power a KERS system that fills out weak points in the torque band.
So, let’s say you’re filthy stinking rich and have $1.3 million lying around and you would like to purchase a LaFerrari. What’s the next step? Well, step 1) gather your $1.3 million into one easy to reach location, and step 2) save it for something else. All 499 units are already spoken for.
In addition to the reveal of the LaFerrari, Ferrari has also announced a partnership with Apple. The Ferrari FF now has an upgraded version that comes pre-installed with Siri, and two iPad Minis built into the the backs of the front seats.
Because, you know, a 652HP V12 AWD monster just isn’t enough.