The upcoming sequel to the popular horror-title ‘Slender’ is getting ready to enter a beta-testing phase. The publisher is hoping that the lure of a beta will help raise the necessary funds to keep the game moving forward.
‘Slender: The Arrival’ is set to launch later this month on March 26, 2013. Currently the game is scheduled to launch on PCs but a Mac OS X version is in the works as well. The game will be $10 on the day it launches but if you pre-order you can pay as little as $5 on a ‘pay what you will’ model. There are some benefits that you can earn if you pay a little extra, including $15 for a copy of the soundtrack or $25 for the soundtrack, game and high-res paintings of the new game to display at your home. The pre-order page states, “Pre-order and we’ll grant you beta access to the PC version of the game today. Be among the first people to play the game before our March 26th release date. The beta will contain our revamped update of the now infamous forest from Slender: The Eight Pages. Get ready to experience the fear all over again”.
Anyone that pre-orders the game will be invited to take part in the beta testing. That beta testing period began today, so you could be scaring yourself silly with a small, cash-purchase from Blue Isle.
source: slenderthearrival