Marvel releases latest Iron Man 3 trailer, features army of Iron Men choices

Fans that have been awaiting the extended trailer for ‘Iron Man 3’ can finally breathe a sigh of relief this afternoon, as Marvel has released the official trailer. The new preview shows a lot of Tony Stark and a lot of Iron Man suits.
Robert Downey Jr. will return once again for the third installment of the ‘Iron Man’ series. The video features the traditional red and yellow Iron Man suit and a patriotic choice as well. If you are quick enough with the pause button you can see several quick glimpses of other models that Tony Stark has been working on.
The new movie will show a new Tony Stark, suffering from insomnia and being personally attacked at his Malibu estate. The theme of choosing between what is best for Iron Man and what is best for Tony Stark seems to be pivotal point in the upcoming film.

Ben Kingsley will play “The Mandarin” in the movie and the antagonist of Iron Man himself. the film ‘Iron Man 3’ will hit theaters on May 3, 2013.

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