Real Life “Deep Forest Raceway” From Gran Turismo Found In Iowa

Coincidence? If so, then this may be the most massive coincidence known to man. According to popular community site GT Planet, a real world abandoned racing circuit found in Iowa more than resembles the famous Deep Forest Raceway from the Gran Turismo series. Could this Iowa racetrack have possibly served as an inspiration for the famed digital circuit?
Greenwood Roadway was built and used sparingly in the 1960s before being closed down and eventually overtaken by Mother Nature. GT Planet reader Joel Hader noted:
What can’t be seen from the maps is the identical nature of the topography of the two tracks. Driving on both tracks, the rise and fall of the circuit is virtually identical. The two highest points on both are at the end of the back straight (in the tunnels on Deep Forest Raceway) or at the ninety degree bends in the middle section, and the lowest two points are at the start of the back straight and at the hairpin at the end of the main straight.
The original Greenwood pit location is slightly different than the virtual track. But again, in about the right place and even on the right side of the track. The sensation, though, of driving the real track is eerily reminiscent of driving the virtual track simply because the rise and fall of the two layouts is so close to identical
In recent years, several car clubs have been allowed to use the track, and a number of participants have filmed their experiences. Check out the video below to see the similarities between Greenwood Raceway and Deep Forest Raceway.

source | gt planet

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