Microsoft shows ViralSearch, an amazing tool to visualize ‘viral content’

It’s the dream of thousands upon thousands of YouTube users, the idea of content going viral. Even though the coin was termed years ago, it is almost impossible to visualize and track on a global scale. That is until Microsoft put their development team on the subject, who then released this video.
In the video from the Microsoft Research team, Jake Hofman walks viewers through one of Microsoft’s latest tools for analyzing and decoding shared content through social-media. The project shown in the video is called ‘ViralSearch’ and it collects hundreds of thousands of stories and visually displays how that content was shared over social media. It’s an amazing program and one that could help with market research, defining social trends, forecasting trends or supply data for online behavior in taret demographics. The possibilities don’t end there of course, this is just a small fraction of what the tool could be used for.
The project is an internal development at this point but could easily be adapted for use in universities, behavioral research team and even technical analysis of the internet. Until it is released to the masses you will simply have to be amazed by the video and wait for NCIS to start using it on their show.

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