Developers try their hands at running four Simcity cities at once

The people behind Simcity have had a lot of time to test out the game before it launches on PC tomorrow. Now a few members behind the scenes have tried managing four different cities at once.
Although the trailer is a bit on the short side, it does offer a lot of great in-game footage and shows a bit of the user-interface that you will be using to control your sprawling metropolis. The cities that the developers decided to make are a ‘Tech City, Suburb City, Crime City and Power City’. You probably won’t have to manage as many cities at once, but if you plan on replicating their success, then you can take this as a personal challenge of your mayoral duties.
SimCity is scheduled to release on March 5, 2013 on PC. A Mac version is still in the works for a “Spring 2013” release.

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