Android Rooters – CyanogenMod 10.1 M2 Builds Now Flashing

Those who are into rooting their Android phones and tablets and happen to be running the wildly popular CyanogenMod ROM have a pretty nice thing to look forward to.
As of today, the newest official builds of CyanogenMod are up for flashing. The latest CM 10.1 M2 builds run the latest Android 4.2.2, providing users with the most up to date goodies from the most current version of Jelly Bean.
The full list of devices receiving this update today is as follows:
Acer Iconia a700
Google Nexus S (crespo, crespo4g)
Google Nexus 7 (grouper, tilapia)
Google Galaxy Nexus (toro, toroplus, maguro)
Google Nexus 4 (mako)
Google Nexus 10 (manta)
Google Nexus Q (steelhead)
Hardkernel Odroid-U2
HTC One X (evita)
HTC Incredible 4G LTE (fireball)
HTC Evo 4G LTE (jewel)
HTC One S (ville)
LG Nitro HD (p930)
LG Optimus LTE (su640)
LG Spectrum (vs920)
Samsung Galaxy S (captivatemtd, galaxysbmtd, galaxysmtd, epicmtd)
Samsung Galaxy SII (i9100g, hercules, skyrocket)
Samsung Galaxy SIII (US variants d2att, d2cri, d2mtr, d2spr, d2tmo, d2vzw)
Samsung Note (quincytmo, quincyatt)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (p3100, p3110)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (p5100, p5110)

Those people who are using devices not listed above and are still receiving nightlies will continue to get worked on until further notice. The CM team would also like to remind users that “while bug reports on nightlies will get summarily dismissed, we accept and encourage reports to be submitted against the M2 release. By identifying issues in the M-release, you can help to make the eventual ‘stable’ release that much better. Note that our bug tracker has relocated to Additionally, if you report a bug but fail to attach a log (logcat or adb bugreport), your report will be considered invalid, and closed. Even if your device bursts into flames: no attached log means it didn’t happen.
source | cyanogenmod

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