Reports keep pointing to an Apple ‘iWatch’ announcement

Over the past few weeks the unannounced ‘iWatch’ from Apple has sparked numerous rumors, reports and speculation form the media and from consumers. Now some of the leading tech enthusiasts are reporting that the device is just a few moths away.
A slew of tech reports have been released over the past two-weeks alone, all pointing to Apple and a new watch that will run the iPhone’s iOS operating system and connect to existing iOS technology. Just a few weeks ago the New York Times claimed that they received reports about an Apple watch which featured a curved glass-face. Bloomberg joined in on the speculations, claiming that up to 100 designers may be allocated to design the new watch and are most likely working on it as we speak. On top of all of this, patents filed by Apple detail a “wearable accessory device” that many speculate will be the new watch.
So what is an iWatch? Well if reports are correct, the device would do many of the same functions as an iPhone including (displaying a caller ID, updating or displaying GPS map functions and possibly adding new fitness possibilities like a pedometer, heart-rate monitor and storing other biometric stats it could collect throughout the day).
Apple wouldn’t be the first to have such a wrist-device for fitness fanatics. JawBone launched a wristband that records a slew of information about the wearer’s habits, and Nike’s Fuelband is one of the most successful training accessories on the market today. It was Nilay Patel, from The Verge, that claimed inside sources point to the watch running a version of iOS. The iWatch comes with a few good ideas, one being that although we always have our phones or tablets on our person at all times, for many of us those are burried inside purses, handbags or pockets. Socially speaking, checking through your phone in a movie or on a date, or even at the dinner table is considered rude. A quick glance at a watch to see who is calling might be more subtle.
At home we have our iPhones ready to go at all times, we keep them within earshot like first-time mothers and a baby monitor. With the iWatch, you could charge your phone by the bedside table all afternoon, only going to it when you have to. There are no definite confirmations at this point that Apple will create, or distribute the iWatch. That being said almost every tech-site on the market has receive reports pointing to Apple making an announcement sometime in the future.
sources: nyt, bloomberg, theverge, uspa

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