Amped Wireless preps smallest powerline AV network adapter for launch

Amped Wireless is just days away from releasing its new ‘Powerline Network Adapter Kit’, which allows customers to use their existing electrical wiring to extend their wireless-network to any room in their house.
The new device is called the ‘PLA2 Powerline Nano AV500 1-Port Network Adapter Kit’ and as we mentioned before, it uses electrical wires to extend your networks wireless range. According to reports from Amped Wireless, The Powerline AV500 standard provides “speeds of up to 500 Mbps and includes a pass-through power outlet on each adapter”. If you purchase The PLA2 kit, you will receive two paired Powerline Network Adapters.
“At Amped Wireless, we strive to provide a complete solution for our customers’ network extending needs. With that said, we realize there are certain scenarios where Wi-Fi may not be the best solution. For example, thick walls made with metal or concrete may interfere with Wi-Fi signals. Powerline provides an ideal, plug-and-play solution for these types of situations and can be used to easily connect A/V devices or game consoles. It can also help extend a Wi-Fi signal by pairing a Powerline adapter with our award-winning High Power Wi-Fi Access Points,” said Jason Owen, president and CEO at Amped Wireless.
There is no additional electrical wiring needed to use the device. Customers simply plug one adapter into a power outlet and connect that adapter to a router. You will then plug the second adapter into another power outlet and connect the adapter the network device. The PLA2 comes secured with 128-bit encryption to protect network traffic from outside intruders.
Customers also won’t lose a power outlet, which in older homes can be a serious issue. The “pass-through” power outlet on each adapter allows you plug in any other appliance that might have been using the device prior to your purchase. As suggested by Amped Wireless, it is a great tool to bring Wi-Fi access to the garage, basement or backyard. As for pricing, the PLA2 has a retail price of $99.99 and is available for from the Amped Wireless website immediately. It will be available nationwide from retailers and e-tailers March 11, 2013.

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