Pulp becomes the first Xbox Live exclusive movie

Exclusive content is nothing new to the Xbox 360, In video-games the console has the ‘Halo’ series and the ‘Gears of War’ series as two of its most successful and exclusive franchises. Exclusive movies on the other hand is something completely new to the console.
The first movie to earn the title of ‘Exclusively on Xbox Live’ is the British comedy ‘Pulp’. The movie follows Tony Leary, who owns a comic-book store called ‘Junk Comics’. Leary is hoping to launch a new comic-series himself, called ‘The Sodomizer’. Leary hopes to make his comic a success by showing it off at the British International Comic Show. The movie really kicks off when Tony becomes involved with an organized-crime syndicate that are using comic-books to launder money from their criminal activities.
The movie hopes to drive a connection between the movie’s cast and crew and Xbox Live’s 45 million subscribers. The movie itself has won awards at film-festivals all over the world and drawing a large amount of buzz on its own. This is all part of Microsoft’s lofty goal of making the Xbox 360 and its unnamed successor the center of every customer’s living room.

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