RaceRoom Racing Experience Shows Off Upcoming Content In New Trailer

SimBin’s PC sim racer, RaceRoom Racing Experience is unleashing a new batch of content via the RaceRoom Racing Experience Portal found in -game.
You can check out some of the new content in the trailer below. The video shows new tracks and cars, including the McLaren SLR 722 GT and the RUF RT12R, and also historic racers such as Zakspeed Capri.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is a free to play sim racer developed by the PC sim racing vets SimBin, who also developed the GTR and RACE series. Features include:
FREE2RACE – A high end racing game for free
The SimBin interpretation of a skill based free-to-play racing game.
NEW TECHNOLOGY – SimBin quality
The brand new RendR™ graphical engine, new 7.1 sound engine, Immersidrive™, the latest physics and handling model – it is the rebirth of SimBin racing games.
ROOKIE TO PRO – Competing on equal terms
The difficulty levels within the game are designed to appeal to either rookie or pro. Two distinctively different driving models, The Get Real™ and the Amateur Driving Model™ allow users to tailor their own challenges.
GET REAL – Emulate real racing closer than ever before
The Get Real driving model is designed to deliver a racing experience emulating real racing closer than ever before. Use traction control like real race drivers uses it, change the setup of your car to make it a perfect match to your driving style.
APEX HUNT – Track knowledge is key
Apex Hunt is a learning tool to help you get familiar with all the tracks and varied layouts of RaceRoom Racing Experience. Once you have learned your way around the tracks, the Apex Hunt™ transforms into a challenge of your skill.
SKILL BASED GAMING – It takes talent to master
The only thing that can make you faster or better than your opponents is the skill and talent that comes through practice.
GAME & COMMUNITY PORTAL – Seamless interaction
Game.raceroom.com is a motorsport hub that thrives on virtual as well as real life motorsports and is seamlessly integrated with the game.
SOCIAL GAMING – Meet, greet and compete
Join in organized competitions and share your competitive passion with motorsports enthusiasts from around the world.
USER GENERATED CONTENT – Connect, create and share
Registered users have their own digital persona where achievements and performance are tracked. Replays and images are stored in the media hub from where the user can edit and
share select content.

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