The launch of ‘SimCity’ is just hours away and Maxis has kicked off their marketing campaign with Adam DeVine. You can check out the latest TV spot featuring the game’s lovable mayor.
Fans of either ‘Workaholics’ or ‘Pitch Perfect’ should have no problems recognizing the new Mayor of SimCity. DeVine walks us through the many tough decisions that each Mayor must face in the Sim world, like where to fire your missels and what to do with sewage.
The whole marketing campaign behind the new SimCity launch is “your city, your way’, not to be confused with ‘have it your way’ from Burger King. Maxis and EA are launching SimCity on PCs at first, with a scheduled release date of March 5, 2013. A Mac OS X version of the game has also been confirmed, though an exact launch date is not available at this time. The closest Maxis has come to a release date for Mac gamers is this Spring.