Scheduled maintenance takes aspects of PSN down for 17 hours

Sony announced last week that a scheduled maintenance window would take down aspects of the Playstation Network later this afternoon. The window is scheduled to take place for the better part of the day.
For Playstation Network users, the PSN store and other aspects of the Playstation Network are scheduled to be under a ‘maintenance window’ from 8:00am to 11:59pm (EDT) on March 4, 2013. Sony has stated that this should not stop online play, if players have logged into the service within a few days prior to the window. Sony announced the updated window on Twitter stating, “PSN maintenance tomorrow, 3/4 from 5am – 9pm Pacific Time. Online play still accessible if you’ve logged in recently”.
This is just the latest interruption in what is becoming a routine scheduled maintenance every month. Sony has revamped the maintenance service that it preforms on the Playstation network ever the since the system was hacked and brought down for several weeks.
You can keep tabs on the service and check on any issues that you may have while using parts of PSN by checking in on the official Playstation Twitter account below.
source: twitter

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