The lively and always interesting world of ‘Portal’ is about to get its own live-action web series. Wayside Creations are set to debut the show later this month on YouTube.
The show revolves around a group of scientist who are employed by Aperture Labs, which Portal fans should remember as the fictitious research and development company that created the Portal device and its many testing chambers. The series will focus on a select group of scientist who are trying to become Aperture’s ‘Lab Team of the Month’. This isn’t the first live-action, video-game parody that Wayside Creations has created, the team is also responsable for ‘Fallout: Nuka Break’ which was based on Bethesda’s very popular ‘Fallout Series’.
The series will feature music from Dan Martinez and will be available for everyone to enjoy through YouTube, with the first episode to debut on March 15, 2013.
source: machima