A select few will begin The Elder Scrolls Online beta by the end of March

Many MMO fans have been eagerly awaiting to enter the new world of ‘The Elder Scrolls: Online’. Now ZeniMax Online Studios have confirmed that select players will begin the beta process later this month.
The developers behind the game answered a few questions from fans about the upcoming title. The beta will not be a free romp through the world of ‘The Elder Scrolls: Online’, instead it will start out as a few carefully crafted scenarios in which players will begin testing the basics of the game. According to the developers, players that are included in the beta will join “scheduled play sessions” that will be predetermined ahead of time. Not only will you need an invitation to join the beta, you will also need to be available for these specific time slots. The development team continued to talk about these events stating, “Every beta event will have a clear focus” adding, “developers will be looking for feedback on specific areas, features, or other gameplay elements”.

Although most of the events are scheduled to happen on the weekend, it’s unclear just how exactly this schedule will pan out for eager beta participants. The beta application phase started just a few weeks ago and there is still time to register to become one of the first people to try the game.
The full game is planned for release on Windows PC and Mac in 2013.
source: elderscrollsonline, beta/register

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