Vire Launcher Amazes With Slick New UI

One of the best things about having an Android smartphone vs iOS is the ability to customize whatever you see fit, whether it’s via rooting or a variety of third party apps.
Custom launchers are all the rage these days, and while there are giants in that field (Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, etc.), some lesser known launchers can often offer up really neat alternatives.
One such example is the newly release Vire Launcher. Created by Vire Labs, Vire Launcher is an amazing thing to behold. It’s silky smooth, the transitions between screens is blazing fast, and it has a variety of really cool animations and lighting effects.
The clock widget is also very unique; when you drag down from the clock, an additional app drawer is revealed where you can pin apps and even widgets. Another quick swipe up, and the drawer disappears under the clock.
The options right now are pretty limited; you’re able to enable reflections (an animation as opposed to real reflections), enable HD shaders, switch between a few pre-installed themes, and play around with different transition effects. Definitely check out the Tile and Crystal transitions; both are very cool.
Despite the neat features, bear in mind that Vire Launcher is still very bare bones when compared to the stock homescreen abilities or anything like Apex. The ability to drag and drop to create folders is not yet something that’s available, and other customization options like the ability to re-size the homescreen grids or additional themes isn’t included as well.
However, if you go into the Settings, you’ll noticed a blacked out “Advanced” option which states “Not available in beta version,” so these options may come at a later date.
Regardless, Vire Launcher is a very attractive alternative to your stock homescreen and major third party launchers. If cool transition effects and lighting are your sort of thing, and you don’t mind a minimalistic experience, then definitely give Vire Launcher a look.
source | play store

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