Evernote updated for iOS devices, adds new PDF features

If you often use the handy application ‘Evernote’ on an iOS device, then you may have noticed that the application has been updated. The new update brings a few new features for customers that use PDFs.
The new version of the application is v5.2 for iOS. The new software will allow customers to view PDFs inside multi-page views, and turn on the ability to lock the screen from rotation. A new two-page display is available in landscape mode. There are a few more features that you can enjoy as well, including a new search function for finding specifics inside a document.
Business account holders can convert notes to plain-text format, and will have an offline support function as well. If you use the iPad version of Evernote you can now use Snippets list. Whith Snippet viewing you can “tap on a note” and that note will becoming editable but you will still be able to browse through your notes list.
You can check out screens and the official list of all the new functions that were included with the update on the official Evernote.blog below.
source: evernote

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