Goolge shows you a life with Google Glass

One of the more interesting new concepts to come out in the past year has been Google Glass, the potentially revolutionary marriage of a Google OS and a pair of glasses. While information is still somewhat vague on just what Glass may offer, a new video shows what may be possible with Glass in our lives.
The somewhat touching video shows a variety of activities seen through the “eyes” of Google Glass. Everything ranging from playing with your kids to skydiving is shown (there is NO WAY I would be wearing my very expensive Google Glasses while skydiving, by the way). And apparently, there is a ballerina and figure skater sporting Google Glass while performing.

That’s all fine and dandy, but let’s talk gaming for a second. How will Google Glass affect games? I can see some pretty interesting augmented reality games pop up, and even potential add-ons to existing games. Wouldn’t it be cool to play something like Shadowgun in full screen on your tablet or phone, and have all HUD elements displayed in Glass? Or better yet, just have the whole damn game in Glass and be “in” it. All speculation at this point, of course.
Anyone else freaked out yet about the possibility of someone using this while driving? Maybe there’s some sort of lock once you enter a vehicle, just so our children playing on the street can live a little longer.

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