Sony has spent the last few years completely restructuring its internal framework. This marks the second major building Sony has put on the market in just the last six months. Here are the details that were released today.
The building above is located in Tokyo, Japan and it has sold for just about $1.2 billion USD. This comes just a few months after Sony sold its landmark New York City headquarters for $1.1 billion dollars. In a press-release sent out earlier today from Sony, the company said the confirmation to sell came from CEO Kaz Hirai and that a buyer was already in place.
Sony has been restructuring all of its divisions and brands, with a strong focus on streamlining their production and customer experience. The new Sony Entertainment Network for example was brought together to house all of Sony’s digital media, allowing customers to easily browse between Sony’s many outlets all with one account. With hopes to “strengthen its corporate structure” it is unclear if any of Sony’s other buildings will be sold at this time.
Just as in New York, the Oskai building will still house Sony staff and operations but Sony will lease the building after the sale. Sony plans to stay in the location for at least five years according to reports on the sale of the building.