More than 270 companies are standing together to show their opposition to the Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA. Major corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and many others have united under the cause of overturning the recently passed legislation.
With hopes of putting pressure on the Supreme Court, who would have the power to overturn the federal law which defines a marriage as an exclusive union between a woman and a man, these companies have filed an amicus curiae. This document urges the court to reconsider the federal law while stating that the law only encourages corporations to discriminate against LGBT employees.
The documents discuss the legal troubles the law brings with health-care, privacy, employee relations and other aspects of financial and social aspects that each business would have to navigate under the current law. Currently the Supreme Court is scheduled to begin hearing arguments on Proposition 8 starting on March 26, 2013 with arguments on DOMA on March 27. 2013.
Facebook is using its social platform to raise awareness of the hearings, creating a new Facebook Page which posted, “This week, Facebook is proudly joining many other businesses in submitting briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court supporting same-sex marriage. The briefs explain to the Court how the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 discriminate against employees in same-sex marriages and create undue burdens on companies and employees”.
source: bingham