Starbucks and the New York Times offer a loophole in the paywall

When the New York Times began its paywall subscription service for the publication’s online content it was not welcomed by many online readers. Since then, many people have been constantly looking for new way to ‘read for free’ and avoid the monthly cost of a subscription. A new partnership between Starbucks and the New York Times makes it a little easier to do so.
You can now read 15 articles from the New York Times, all for free, by visiting and browsing the site through Starbucks’ wireless network. The new program is in conjunction with Starbucks and the New York Times, who are offering the free service to Starbucks customers. There are quite a few restrictions though, including the limitation of a three-article limit in each of the allowed sections. Those sections include (Top News, Business, Technology and the current Most E-mailed section). The last remaining section will change each day. The schedule for that section is currently (Monday: Sports, Tuesday: Science, Wednesday: Dining, Thursday: Style, Friday: Weekend, Saturday: The Magazine and Sunday: Sunday Review).
This isn’t the first time that Starbucks has partnered with a media outlet to offer free content to customers, Starbucks has also partnered with The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets to offer similar, and still limited, content in the past.

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