World of Warplanes Review

  The term “free-to-play” certainly has turned into a bad word in modern gaming, hasn’t it? With the rise of mobile gaming as a force to be reckoned with, the F2P model has taken over gaming by...

Rainbow Moon Vita Review

  When Rainbow Moon first came out for PSN last year, I was thrilled to play a good SRPG in the classic vein of FF Tactics once again. The game wasn’t perfect by any means, but it more than satisfied...

Nvidia GTX 780 Ti Review (Reference Design)

  The GTX 780 Ti. It has finally come to this, the pinnacle of this generation’s Nvidia graphics cards. If you have a computer that can take advantage of the GTX 780 Ti’s graphical prowess, then...
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Tiny Brains Review (PS4)

  I love a good puzzle game, and with the PS3/Xbox 360 generation, a golden age of indie titles has given me the opportunity to play some really good entries in the puzzle genre....

NBA Live 14 Review (PS4)

It's not a particularly good game, but it could potentially be easier to pick up for those who aren't diehard
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Madden 25 Review (PS4)

  Ah, the launch of a new console generation. It seems like just yesterday that I was eagerly awaiting my Xbox 360, copies of Perfect Dark Zero and Madden 06 in hand. My goodness, did I make the wrong...

WWE 2K14 Review

  I don't want to toot my own horn, but if you read my WWE 13 review last year, you'll notice I mentioned something about expanding on the Attitude Era mode in 2014's entry and tackling the WWE's entire...
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SteelSeries Announces H Wireless Headset

  Today, SteelSeries announced in North America the new H Wireless Headset, compatible with Xbox 360, PS3/4, PC, Mac, streaming devices, home entertainment, and mobile devices. Powered by SteelSeries...

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

When it was first announced that there would be a new Arkham game from WB Games/Splash Damage and not Rocksteady,
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Kobo Aura E-Reader Review

  E-readers certainly aren't hard to come by these days. You can find anything from Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Nobles' Nook to any variety of other, lesser known, readers. Consumers have a lot of...
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Google Chromecast Review

But consider this: the Chromecast is only $35. That's cheaper than most Nintendo 3DS games. That's cheaper
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F1 2013 Review

  There's a good chance that this is the last F1 game we'll see on this current generation of consoles, so it's somewhat disappointing to see F1 2013 playing it so safe....
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Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Review

  Years ago, I was introduced to the Disgaea series by way of Disgaea 2. Up to that point the only RPGs I played with any regularity were the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Persona games. Being...
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Madden 25: First Next-Gen Playbook

    Now that the current-gen version of Madden 25 is out and behind us, we can all turn our attention to the upcoming PS4 and XBox One versions, both set to be launch day releases....
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FIFA 14 Review

  I wouldn't necessarily call myself a diehard soccer (football for the rest of the world) fan, but interestingly enough, I have been playing every game in the FIFA series for the better part of a...
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“Clueless Gamer” Takes ON GTA V

    Possible spoilers!   Conan is at it again! This time around, the game is none other than Rockstar megahit, Grand Theft Auto V...a game where sales are virtually non-existent since the...