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It’s time to love entertainment again, time to ignore the junk rumors and let go of reality stars and get back to the movies, television, tech and culture that we all love. Our team binges on entertainment, from indie to studio, from upcoming to the A-List, we throw our support behind the culture that surrounds these genres in any industry. Whether it’s with TV series, movies, music, books, theater, or pop-culture, we want to share it and enjoy it with our readers.
Why can’t I log-in?
When the internet began all those years ago marketing specialists realized that logged-in users frequently came back to the same website, and even though a lot has changed over the years, websites still try to use the trick to sway readers back to their sites. We don’t think entertainment and tech sites need your email address, or your login information to deliver the news so we don’t even give you the option.
So who pays the bills?
We believe in content first, not paid content and not sponsored articles that are flooding the internet more and more everyday. We are independently owned and operated under Grimm Media Publications LLC, meaning that we answer to no one when writing our reviews, or delivering today’s headlines. Every story that you read was chosen by our team, and we never accept paid sponsorships in return for articles. We are a free-to-read, ad-supported operation. It’s the way news used to be before websites had to supplement newspaper & magazine sales with paywalls and paid content.
Where’s my top-ten lists, or my character quizzes?
Our readers want the latest trailers, the latest castings, scheduling, games and devices. There are awesome sites out there if you want to read about the top 10 apps that contain the word green, find out which Friends character you are most like, or need to know every time a reality star buys a taco. We like to keep things simple, and we don’t have to deliver nonsense and rumors to pay for an oversized staff.
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We are always looking for people to join our team. Whether your interest is Reviews, Articles or to meet and interview the leaders of today’s Entertainment industries, we always welcome new members to our staff. If you are interested in writing for us, or would like us to feature your work, send/pitch your article to our staff at promotions@theslanted.com.
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