Film & Industry


Austin Film Festival details first nine films

The very popular Austin Film Festival (AFF) is coming up in just about two-months time, and the organizers have revealed the first slate of films this morning. The festival, scheduled this year from October 23-30, will be adding new films later-on to showcase, this is just the first nine to put on your list.

Books & Literature


The Top 100 Children’s Books to read in your lifetime

Children's books hold a very special place in our hearts. Often times they are our first encounters with worlds and scenarios that we never would have experienced if it weren't for the classic authors and poets that lived before us.

Apps & Software


Watching YouTube on your TV is even better with new UI from Google

Over the past few years Google has been constantly improving how YouTube videos are played on large widescreen formatted televisions. Today Google entered into new UI that will make finding videos, playing videos, and sorting out you're subscribed content even easier when using a TV.