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New York City split on Airbnb

Despite being one of the more popular apps to have launched over the last few years , Airbnb has seen an uphill battle when trying to win over city officials, customers and their neighbors. In a recent survey conducted by YouGov Omnibus 45% of the people polled, who also had at least some knowledge of the application prior to participating, stated that Airbnb, "is great for New York City."

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San Diego Comic-Con app gets a facelift with help from NBC

This entirely redesigned app will enhance the user's experience with new features such as an interactive exhibit hall map, live updated schedules where events can be added directly to your calendar, discovery tools, and the ability to share socially and post comments.

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The Top 100 Children’s Books to read in your lifetime

Children's books hold a very special place in our hearts. Often times they are our first encounters with worlds and scenarios that we never would have experienced if it weren't for the classic authors and poets that lived before us.



Maze Runner cast talks up film at San Diego Comic Con

There are only a few more weeks to wait through before 'The Maze Runner' premieres in theaters, but attendees got to see the cast at a special panel during SDCC, where the cast and crew spoke about the upcoming film.

Ubisoft talks Assassin’s Creed Unity History, has a new gameplay trailer to show

Though the storyline borders on the sci-fi, the finer details of Assassin's Creed are rooted in history. As a graduate of History from Université de Montréal in 2010, Maxime Durand has been counseling and coordinating at Ubisoft on every Assassin’s Creed game from close or afar since Revelations. Recently Durand shared his thoughts on both the game, and the upcoming title's (Unity) historical accuracies.



Razer’s Nabu wearable has another first, this time adding WeChat

Razer has made a name for itself within the gaming industry for offering high-end computer peripherals that are constantly trying out new designs and testing new features. Recently the company began to expand into PC gaming laptops like the Razer Egde, and now Razer is moving into the wearable market.



FitBit comes to Windows Phone 8.1

With direct sync now to nearly 100 leading Windows, Android and iOS devices, plus Fitbit’s family of award-winning activity trackers, it’s easier than ever to make fitness part of your everyday lifestyle.

HTC One M8 bundled with Libratone Speakers

A new promotion from Libratone includes a partnership with HTC, offering a first of its kind bundle promotion form the two companies. Libratone and HTC will offer Loop and Zipp with HTC Connect technology. A simple "three-finger swipe" up the screen of an HTC phone will turn your Libratone Speaker into the ultimate multimedia center. Music lovers will enjoy their audio within seconds all without losing the slightest bit of quality.