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Walt Disney Studios to create a live-action Dumbo

Live-action films are all the rage under Disney Studios at the moment, the latest offering was Angelina Jolie in 'Maleficent' but there is also a 'Cinderella' film in the works, and a sequel to 'Alice in Wonderland,' all coming from the studio in the near-future.

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Apple updates iTunes U, offering more tools for teachers on iPad

Apple has updated a few of the features offered with the company's iTunes U service, the new update offers new tools for educators and student for use with the iPad. According to the update, starting on July 8, teachers using the free iTunes U app can create,

Amazon celebrates the Amazon App Store with $100 worth of free apps

Whether you pre-ordered the new Amazon Fire Phone or not, you can load-up on $100 worth of apps from now until tomorrow, thanks to a large digital promotion offered through the Amazon App Store. You can checkout what is being offered today and tomorrow by visiting the official app-store.

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Summer Novels: July’s Top Books

The temperatures are up, most of our travel plans are already made, and summer reading has officially launched. If you still need to jump into a new book (or need a new one lined-up for later) we have a dozen titles that are sure to peak your interest.




Samsung confirms the Galaxy S5 mini

The phone will be available with a 4.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, the smaller size is perfect for those want to enjoy the same Galaxy S5 experience, but on a device that can be better operated with only one hand. Like the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S5 mini features a unique perforated pattern on the back cover creating a modern and sleek look, along with a premium, soft touch grip.

Apple adds color and iSight camera to iPod Touch

Summer colors aren't just for your wardrobe, Apple announced its 16GB iPod touch is a few new colors, and is now equipped with a 5 megapixel iSight camera for just $199. The entire iPod touch lineup features the 5 megapixel iSight camera with 1080p HD video recording, brilliant 4-inch Retina display,



Soon Seinfeld Emojis will take over your iPhone

As the 25th anniversary of Seinfeld continues this month, more and more marketing instances are popping-up all over the internet. The latest of which, are tiny Seinfeld-inspired emojis, some with a few modern twists.